Control System Design:Getting Started With Arduino and MATLAB [ISBN-M-978-4906864089]

Control System Design:Getting Started With Arduino and MATLAB [ISBN-M-978-4906864089]

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Auther:Mitsuo Hirata
Translator:Ivan Godler
Number of pages:247

This is the basic for those starting to learn control system design. 
The content of the book is unique in the sense that control system design 
can be studied through practical experience by using an inexpensive control
experimental kit based on recently popular open source Arduino hardware. 

By purchasing a low cost experimental kit and using the contents of this book,
it is possible for the reader to actually create their own controlled object 
with electrical circuits and mechanical structure, and experience controlling 
it by using their own controllers.

As opposed to most conventional theory books, which only explain theory 
and describe the process of implementing it on an embedded system, 
the basics of control theory and model-based development can be learned 
through real experiment from this unique book.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Getting Ready
Chapter 3 Using ArduinoIO
Chapter 4 Motor Speed Control
Chapter 5 Motor Position Control
Chapter 6 Ball&Beam Experiments
Chapter 7 Using Modern Control Theory
Chapter 8 Run on Target Hardware
A Asembly Ball & Beam Kit

Introduction Video